A change of pace

It’s over four weeks since I arrived in Jerusalem, not really knowing then what I was going to do, apart from seeking out some of the places that in all my visits here I’d never had the opportunity to see.  Each day I’ve been out, somewhere, and almost each day I’ve seen something that has been new to me.  I’ve concentrated on Jerusalem and the immediate area.  So I’ve been to Bethlehem, Hebron, Ein Karem, the Judean Wilderness but apart from those few excursions into places not so far from the city my attention has been here.

Back to Day One


Now, however, I have to begin to think about what I have seen and experienced and how I might be able to help those who might wish to see some of these places themselves.  That, after all, was part of the motivation for coming here – not just to have the experiences of the ‘hidden and holy’ for myself but to be able to point them out to others.

The other thing that is happening is that clergy from the Diocese of Southwark and from the five dioceses of the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe are about to head out here.  I will be taking part with them in the ‘Introduction to the Bible Lands’ course from 4-11 November.  That was always part of my plan when I decided how I might best use these weeks of my sabbatical. So I’m looking forward to seeing the other participants in the course.

As I was reflecting on the other day, its good to see things through others eyes.  So we will be going together to many places that I’ve been to on many occasions.  But there are a few places that will be new to me – but more importantly, being able to talk to others and hear what others are thinking will be important. I hope, therefore, that I will still have plenty to share with you.

So please pray for those making the journey to Jerusalem from Africa and from the UK.

Loving God,
bless all who travel
by land, sea and air,
and bring them in safety
to the goal of their journey.