Small town, big history

The participants on the Southwark-Zimbabwe-Rochester course all arrived at unearthly hours during the night. After brunch we left Jerusalem and headed north to Galilee and Nazareth. That is where we now are. 

We travelled alongside the separation wall on the way out of Jerusalem

The wifi is a bit of a trial here so I’m typing this with one finger on my phone and this is simply to explain that there won’t be a proper blog until I can find a way to do it. But already I’m thinking about this town. Now it has 85,000 inhabiatants; in Jesus’ day perhaps less than 200. 15-20 families may have lived here. This was a small town but with a big story to engage with. Fascinating ideas. 

When the people rejected Jesus and his teaching, because they knew him and his family, it seems harsh. 

‘Is not this the carpenter’s son? Is not his mother called Mary? And are not his brothers James and Joseph and Simon and Judas?’ (Matthew 13.55)

But he was the lad who had, metaphorically, kicked his ball against their wall. That makes a big difference. 

So – thoughts about this place. And as we walk the streets of Nazareth tomorrow new things to be discovered. 

Jesus, son of Nazareth, bless our homes and communities and the places in which we are too well known to make a difference. Amen.